First of all, I'll apologise in advance for my complete inexperience in anything other than excel

Essentially, I've created a handfull of fairly sucessful (In my workplace) userform based applications using excel. Id really like to move more towards stand-alone applications.
From what i can gether, that would mean using Visual basic. With a bit of "youtubing", I see that its very similar, just without excel in the background, holding all the data/formulas etc.

Unless i want to design a calculator, youtube isnt too useful for my query, so I thought I'd use what has been my most valuable tool with my excel queries, which is obviously you loveley people.

  1. Where does the background work happen with applications created in visual basic.
  2. Where are the best resources (tutorials/example projects etc).
  3. Am i barking up the wrong tree - is visual basic, the right tool for the job. I'm basically wanting to create applications that give users the ability to track (amongst other things), real time stats for kpi's etc.
  4. ..
  5. ..
  6. I could go on for ever