I have tried to solve the following issue without any luck - not even from the help of my professor, so therefore I hope someone in here can help me.
I want to make a lookup based on two criteria and then return a value dependent on these criteria. It should be noted that I know how to solved this issue in various different ways, but now I'm just curious to find a solution using 3 different approaches that I WANT to work, but currently do not which causes my frustration.

I want to make a loop going through cells 3,3 to 6,3 ultimately, but that is not the important thing here. Therefore I have just written the codes so that cell 3,3 should be able to return the correct value.

I have made the 3 possibile ways to solve this issue using manual formulas inside the sheet in columns I,J and K. It is these formulas that I want to implement inside VBA. This also means that for instance I do not want a solution that "pastes" formula inside the sheet so the solution has to be made inside vba.

Hope anyone can help meMatch.xlsmMatch.xlsm