So I have a problem and I have looked through forums and such and have yet to find an answer.

Heres what I need a macro to do:

1. Look into a folder and determine that highest numberd Folder there is and create a new folder one number higher. So if the highest number folder is labeled "11714" The macro will create a folder called "11715"

2. Than it has to save a copy of the email to that folder.

3. Than it has to download and save any attachments on the email to that folder.

I have seen plenty of macros to save emails to folders or to save attachments but I have yet to find something that can scan a folder name and create a new one based on the number of the latest one. This is the most important part. If someone could help me figure that bit out Im sure I can get the rest done.

ANY info at all would be helpful even just a link to a forum post that I haven't found or an article explaining this.