I'm trying to programmatically create a letter and getting some problem.
On some workstations my vba-macro working wrong.

1. macro create replyAll to some letter
2. macro get the body of letter frome some template and insert it to the replyAll
3. then macro choose the signature
and on some workstations result letter have signature before body.

How can i fix this problem?
I want to have the same structure of letter on any workstation. Body and then signature, but not vice versa.
Using Outlook 2010 and code:
Sub Reply_finish()
    path = "\\SHARED\mail_templates\Reply_finish.msg"
    sName = "Notifications" 'Signature name
    Dim oApp As New Outlook.Application
    Dim oSel As Outlook.Selection
    Set oSel = oApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection
    Dim strMessageClass As String
    Set oItem = oSel.Item(1)
    strMessageClass = oItem.MessageClass
    If (strMessageClass = "IPM.Note") Then
        Set oMailItem = oItem
        Set reply = oItem.ReplyAll
        reply.BCC = oItem.BCC
        Set tempItem = OpenTemplate(path)
        reply.HTMLBody = AddTextToHtml(tempItem.Body, reply.HTMLBody)
        reply.To = tempItem.To
        Set tempItem = Nothing
        Call SetSignature(reply, sName)
    End If
    Set oApp = Nothing
    Set oExp = Nothing
    Set oSel = Nothing
End Sub

Sub SetSignature(itm, signName)
    If signName <> "" Then
    End If
End Sub

Function AddTextToHtml(text, html) As String
    strStamp = "<p class=MsoNormal>" & text & "<o:p></o:p></p>"
    intTagStart = InStr(1, html, "<body", _
    intTagEnd = InStr(intTagStart + 5, html, ">")
    strBodyTag = _
    Mid(html, _
    intTagStart, intTagEnd - intTagStart + 1)
    AddTextToHtml = Replace(html, strBodyTag, strBodyTag & strStamp)
End Function

Function OpenTemplate(path) As Outlook.MailItem
    Dim Item As Outlook.MailItem
    Set Item = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate(path)
    Set OpenTemplate = Item
End Function