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Thread: How to Extract Row reference from chart series

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    How to Extract Row reference from chart series

    I would like to extract the row a chart series references.

    So for the following series/chart the row reference would be 172


    In the case below I would want to bring back 17


    Is there a quick way to do this? I have tried something like this which works for the first example but not the second.

    txt = .Chart.SeriesCollection(i).Formula
    Row = Mid(Split(txt, ",")(2) & vbCr, 10, 3)
    msgbox row

    Thanks Danny

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    Distinguished Lord of VBAX VBAX Grand Master xld's Avatar
    Apr 2005
    How about tis

        txt = .ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollection(i).Formula
        ary = Split(txt, "$")
        aryTop = UBound(ary)
        seriesRow = Left$(ary(aryTop), InStr(ary(aryTop), ",") - 1)
        MsgBox seriesRow
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    Thanks XLD. That seem to do the trick.



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