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    ContentControl & Lists

    Hi All,

    I have word 2007 and need to populate the same information to several different forms. Many years ago I did this via VBA userforms/dialog boxes and bookmarks - but times have changed and my research suggests content controls are the way to go.

    Much of the data is part numbers and tracking numbers - easy.

    What is not so each is each "case" needs to hold the details of several people. Each case/form set has different people, and different numbers of people.

    There are an infinite number of different people that could be involved and this cant be hardcoded in a dropdown - it needs to be entered by the user.

    How would I do this with content control - or do I need a VBA input dialog box linked to a "expanding" content control, which would vary in size depending on the number of people involved?

    Cheers in advance,


    PS: Yes I have looked at greg maxeys site - but don't see this question addressed.

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