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Thread: Sheet Reference based on a Cell Value???

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    Sheet Reference based on a Cell Value???

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there is a way to use a value in a cell (that cell value would exactly match the name of one of the worksheets) as a sheet reference in a formula?

    ex. cell B4 = "Widget"
    one of the sheets would also be named "Widget"
    I want to use the cell value to reference the sheet name.

    a formula would read...


    in this formula I would want it to use the cell value in B4 (Widget) in place of the sheet reference in the formula ('Widget'!)

    Thank you all!
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    =VLOOKUP($A4,INDIRECT($B4 & "!$A$2:$Z$10000"),MATCH(P$1,INDIRECT($B4 & "!$A$1:$Z$1"),0),0)
    but it your sheet names have got spaces in it needs to be:
    =VLOOKUP($A4,INDIRECT("'" & $B4 & "'!$A$2:$Z$10000"),MATCH(P$1,INDIRECT("'" & $B4 & "'!$A$1:$Z$1"),0),0)
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