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Thread: Check/Uncheck all checkboxes with VBA

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    Check/Uncheck all checkboxes with VBA

    Hello everyone I am very new in website and Office 2007 Ribbon UI
    I add two checkBoxes in the ribbon using xml (with Custom UI Editor for Microsoft Office) ,They execute vba code called KOLONAC and it works fine.What I need that is to check/uncheck all checkBoxes with another sub. My xml codes :
    HTML Code:
    <checkBox id ="F20"  label="F2"     tag="F20"     getPressed="GetPressed" onAction="KOLONAC" />
    <checkBox id ="F21"  label="F21" tag="F21"  getPressed="GetPressed"   onAction="KOLONAC" />
    And I need to put some extra code inside of this sub to uncheck all checkboxes

     Sub Button29_Click(control As IRibbonControl)
          Sheets("Main Sheet").Columns("B:ZZ").Hidden = True
    'some code too add here to uncheck all checkboxes
              End Sub
    I will be really really happy if you help me.

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    1. Your XML will need the onLoad to set a VBA IRibbon object (e.g. oRibbon)

    2. I'd keep the check box status in a Boolean bF20, bF21, etc. so you need to change KOLONAC

    3. Inside Button29_CLick I'd add

    bF20 = False
    bF21 = False


    Here's something that uses TobbleButtons, but the concept is the same


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    Tanks for help!

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