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Thread: PDF to WORD Conversion without using any thirdparty tools

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    Question PDF to WORD Conversion without using any thirdparty tools

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone give me some idea on converting PDF files to Word only by using macro and without the help of any external / third party tools.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I don't have idea about how to use macro to convert, however i search in google, and find a free online tool to convert pdf to word, don't need download and install any other software.

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    you can easily save word as pdf using word 2013 and later but pdf to word require third party.

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    Hello Praveen7, I might can help.

    I believe you can go to file under pdf and save it as a text file. Then go to where you saved it as a text file, and right click it. Then select the option "Open With" and select word. The only problem is that you lose a lot of formatting that you probably wish to retain. Let me know if this helps you out.

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