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Thread: SamT will be gone for a while

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    SamT will be gone for a while

    I killed my Excel somehow. It's time for me to reinstall windows on this machine and while I am doing that, I am going to put together computers for my daughter, my grandkids, and one for windows >2007 with a newer version of office.

    I sincerely apologise to those guest whose work i am in the middle of.

    Some of your regulars will be along shortly to take over for me, of that I am sure.

    @ snb, can you take a look at this one.
    URL=""]Search multiple columns in another Workbook for value[/URL] I can't get the Filenames_array in Module "modGetProjectDetails" Code to fill. Tks.

    Anybody else who helps out, has my thanks.

    See y'all by Christmas I hope.
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    I expect the student to do their homework and find all the errrors I leeve in.

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    Good luck with the project

    Cheers for now

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    Good luck)

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