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Thread: Insert N cells for M new rows?

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    Insert N cells for M new rows?

    Hi everybody!
    Im trying to insert N cells (fx 4) as a row, m (fx 5) times, i.e. i would like to insert NxM cells, where A2 is the first of them.
    The reason it cannot be an entire row, is that i have a graph next to my data, and it's not so neat that when i push down cells i shift the graphs down as well. Tried google, but usualy people only insert multiple, entire rows.

    Does anybody know how to do this in VBA?

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    Im currently using this one, to insert N rows (in this case N = iWeather)
    shtHis.Range("A2", shtHis.Cells(2, iWeather + 1)).Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove

    But i would like to do this M times? There must be a smarter way of doing this than a loop!

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    hi JKB

    can you add a file with two sheets which display before and after macro table structure?

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    Replace company specific / sensitive / confidential data. Include so many rows and sheets etc in the uploaded workbook to enable the helpers visualize the data and table structure. Helpers do not need the entire workbook.

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    In Excel you can't 'add/insert' rows nor columns: rows.count and columns.count are fixed.
    In your case I'd consider moving the graph 5 columns to the right.

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    Okay... The problem was embarrissingly simple! You just define the range you want to insert, fx:
    sht.Range("A2", sht.Cells(N, M)).Insert shift:=xlDown, copyorigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove

    If somebody else ever should have this problem!

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