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Thread: 1004 Error Copying and Pasting Range

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    1004 Error Copying and Pasting Range


    Hey guys, so I am trying to build a code that cycles through a workbook. It will find and copy the proper range from each sheet and then paste it to the proper place based on a condition. Keep getting an error message! Keep in mind, the two sheets included in the case portion of the code are the first two sheets of the workbook, which the data from the other sheets will be copied to. So the code does not run through those first two sheets for the first part of the code. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!

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    How are we supposed to read that?
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    ... and a small sample WB would help so we don't need to retype your code and create a test bed.


    1. I don't understand the Sheets(i).UsedRange

    2. Try it without the sht. in front of the Range on the Yellow Line to see if it makes a difference

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