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Thread: ComboBox problem in custom ribbon

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    ComboBox problem in custom ribbon

    I hope someone can help, because I'm stuck.

    I'm attaching a file where I have customized the Home tab. The section "All Styles" contains a combobox, in which I want users to be able to type in the name of a style and hit Enter it will be applied (via macro).

    It works great most of the time, but at some point, it stops working, and I can't figure out why. There must be a pattern, but I can't figure it out. At some point, typing in a new style and hitting Enter has no effect. At that point, if I click the down arrow and manually select the style from the dropdown, it works, but I want to avoid asking people to do that extra step.

    (NOTE, I know this i re-creating the functionality available on Windows in the Apply Styles dialog, but that dialog and the old Classic Style Combo are not available in Word 2016 for Mac - and this is essential for us because there it is cumbersome to have to hunt for the style you need from the Style Panel.)

    Any ideas why this stops working, and if there is a way to jump start it once it stops? (Or alternatively, any ideas for a different way of accomplishing this?)

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Just experimenting, but if there is a manual style change made outside the combobox, the combobox is not updated and <Enter> in the combobox has no effect.


    Personally, I really don't see any difference between picking a style from the combobox or from the style pane.

    If it were me, I'd add my own new tab with multiple groups. Each group has a category of style to be applied using a button

    As example, this is the tab I created for applying APA format styles to the current paragraph (plus some other APA-related features). In this, the [APA Styles] group has most of the styles, but you could create groups for the different categories: Text, Lists, Footnotes, Bibiliography, etc.)

    The most common styles using large buttons, and the occasional ones using normal


    If you really need all those styles, then maybe two tabs with the 'once in a while' category ones on a second tab would make it a little more user friendly
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