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Thread: sorting among workbooks

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    sorting among workbooks

    Imagine you have a column with data. And you want to spread data evenly among three workbooks. Is there a better way than cycle - copy each cell? Data doesnt need any sorting.
    My idea was something like this...
    For i = 1 to lastrow
    If y = 4 then
    Y = 1
    End if
    Copy cell i to workbook arrayOfNames(y)
    Y = Y+1
    Next i
    This is just idea...i was hoping someone had more elegant solution. Sorry for typos, im writing this message on the phone. (On the bus home).
    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Not sure about 'evenly', but why not copy first third to wb1, middle third to wb 2, and last third to wb 3?

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