Please help me to get all the Lotus Notes inbox. i already get some of the inbox subject title but when i manually check the number of total inbox on that day it was not the same it looks like not all the email subject title is inserted on my database here's my code :

Dim NSession1 As Object 'NotesSession
Dim NMailDb1 As Object 'NotesDatabase
Dim NDocs1 As Object 'NotesDocumentCollection
Dim NDoc1 As Object 'NotesDocument
Dim NNextDoc1 As Object 'NotesDocument
Dim NItem1 As Object 'NotesItem
Dim view1 As String 
Dim filterText1 As String 
Dim subject0 As String 
Dim deli As Date 
 'Dim oConn As ADODB.Connection
 'Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset
Dim conn01 As MySqlConnection 
Dim cmd01 As New MySqlCommand 
DateTimePicker3.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom 
DateTimePicker3.CustomFormat = "MM/dd/yyyy" 
Label7.Text = DateTimePicker3.Text 
conn01 = New MySqlConnection() 
conn01.ConnectionString = mMySQLConnectionString 
view1 = "$All" 'Name of view or folder to retrieve documents from
view1 = "($Inbox)" 
filterText1 = "" + Label7.Text + "" 'Optional text string to filter the view
NSession1 = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession") 
NMailDb1 = NSession1.GetDatabase("", "") 'Default server and database
If Not NMailDb1.IsOpen Then NMailDb1.OpenMail() 
NDocs1 = NMailDb1.GetView(view1) 
 ' NDocs1.Clear()
 'Apply optional filter
If filterText1 <> "" Then 
    NDocs1.FTSearch(filterText1, 0) 
End If 
NDoc1 = NDocs1.GetFirstDocument 
Do Until NDoc1 Is Nothing 
    NNextDoc1 = NDocs1.GetNextDocument(NDoc1) 
    NItem1 = NDoc1.GetFirstItem("Subject") 
    If Not NItem1 Is Nothing Then 
        subject0 = NDoc1.GetItemValue("Subject")(0) 
        Dim subj As String = Strings.Right(Strings.Left(subject0, 18), 14) 
        Dim subject01 As String = Strings.Right(Strings.Left(subject0, 19), 11) 
        Dim subjecttrim As String = Strings.Right(Strings.Left(subject0, 19), 11) 
        Dim subjectx As String = "***-" + subj 
        deli = NDoc1.GetItemValue("DeliveredDate")(0) 
        cmd01.CommandText = "INSERT INTO acd_cds.ln (`subject`,`fsubject`,`subjectrim`,`subject***`, `postdate`) VALUES ('" & subj.Replace("'", "''") & "','" & subject0.Replace("'", "''") & "','" + subjecttrim.Replace("'", "''") + "','" & subjectx.Replace("'", "''") & "','" & Format(deli, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss") & "')" 
        cmd01.Connection = conn01 
    End If 
    NDoc1 = NNextDoc1 
NSession1 = Nothing 

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