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Thread: Unwanted Double Line Spacing on Word Doc

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    Unwanted Double Line Spacing on Word Doc

    I'm using Word to write a document, and I copied some stuff from the Excel Help file to the Word doc. It was pasted as a text box of some sort, so I copied each line from the box to another area of the doc. Now all the lines I type have what appears to be double line spacing. I can change the font size, but I can't get back to single line spacing. I have the format set on "normal" which usually is OK for me. What am I missing?

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    Nov 2004
    Have you checked the paragraph formatting? (Format>Paragraph)
    That's where the line spacing is set, rather than at character level (which is what a font controls)
    As a rule of thumb, when copying into Word, I tend to use Paste Special>Unformatted Text and apply Word formatting from there - it avoids thing like this.
    K :-)

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    If the line spacing is set to single in the Format>Paragraph setting, you may also want to have a look in the 'Line Spacing' area and make sure that the Before and After spacing is set to zero.


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    Just looked at my instructions again and I don't think I was very clear on it with all that Spacing information.

    Format>Paragraph check the Spacing area to make sure it is set to 0 Before and 0 After and the Line Spacing is set to single.


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