I have created a macro to update my reporting filters using the current date. This is a code snippet:

' Set the filter to tasks that should have finished by now
    FilterEdit Name:="_Tasks Not Finished", _
    TaskFilter:=True, Create:=True, OverwriteExisting:=True, _
    FieldName:="Finish", Test:="is less than or equal to", Value:=Now(), _
    FieldName:="% Complete", Test:="does not equal", Value:=100, _
    FieldName:="Active", Test:="equals", Value:="Yes", _
My problem is that the Active test is not working. When I run the macro and apply the filter, I receive all tasks meeting the date criteria on all tasks, inactive tasks included. Am I applying to wrong code test or type for Active?

I have searched Bing, Google, and every MS Project thread on this site but found no solution.

Thank you.