I have the below script that works however I need some help modifying it.
What I now need to do are the following
1. If the day already exists I need to delete all data from that day and insert the new data for the day.
2. if the day does not exist I need to insert the data for the day.
My date format is written as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

In it's current form it only inserts data if the current day is greater than the previous day.

Declare @Date As Date 
SET @Date = (SELECT Max(CONVERT(char(10),[Date],102)) FROM [dbo].[ESOEmail_Monthly$]) 
INSERT INTO [dbo].[ESOEmail_Monthly$] 
,[End Time] 
,[Team Manager] 
,[Senior Manager] 
 'Excel 12.0;Database=\\VF_RSOSDCNASUDA\fidopost\National_Command\National Command Centre\SQL\ESO\ESO.xlsm;HDR=YES',
 'SELECT * FROM [ESOEmail$]')
WHERE (CONVERT(char(10),[Date],102) > CONVERT(DATETIME, @Date, 102)) 

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Any help will be greatly appreciated.