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    New to the Community

    Hi There,
    I've looked through many sites for help with VBA in the past and this seems to be the best one by far for info writting Macros.

    I have done a bit myself, have also done some programing in C+ and Python so you can ask me questions, but I'm sure I'll be asking the questions most of the time, I program PLC's and SCADA packages as well as arduino and the like for control systems.

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    Welcome Ben.

    You are probably right that this is the best all-round VBA site. Others like MrExcel, ExcelForum and such may be quicker where you will get dozens of people rushing to be the first to reply, but here you will get your questions answered more thoroughly, with responders willing to explore the problem and develop the solution with you. The likes of Paul, Sam, Pascal et al seem ready to input a lot of time and effort in providing solutions.

    Enjoy your time here.
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    Welcome to the Club.
    Please take the time to read the Forum FAQ

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