I have a Word file which includes some paragraphs and a few tables (3-columns, unknown rows). I need to revise those tables based on a table in excel. for example all tables have 3 columns of car's name, car's year, and car's price. but I have a reference table in excel that says some cars have different price with the same car's year. In other words, for example the reference table in excel says, Benz is $100000 and Hyundai is $15000, but their price in the Word file is different. I want to revise the Word tables to see $100000 and $15000 for Benz and Hyundai.

Important: Note that in the Word tables we don't see a pure car name, for example we see Benz L9000C or Hyundai Accent 2014. but in the reference table in excel we see pure car names (with no suffix and prefix).

Thank you.