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Thread: Pyhton Script Called by xlwings Addin

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    Oct 2017

    Pyhton Script Called by xlwings Addin

    I am attempting to use a basic example of xlwings. I have the following VBA script:

    Sub Test()
            RunPython ("import VBAtester; VBAtester.test()")
            MsgBox ("Script has run.")
        End Sub

    Which is in the same directory as the python script

    import xlwings as xw
    def test():
    wb = xw.Book.caller()
    wb.sheets[0].range('A1').value = 'TEST VALUE'

    The VBA script runs and outputs the message box; but *'TEST VALUE'* does not show in cell A1, or elsewhere. I know the python script is being called as if I purposefully put errors in my python script VBA will callback these errors when I run the VBA script that calls the python script.

    What is the error in my understanding or my approach?

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