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Thread: trouble hiding columns

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    Question trouble hiding columns

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to hide a column using the below method:

    Range("D:MY1").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

    For which i receive the "Method Range of object global failed"

    When I change to this: Sheets("TEST").Range("D:MY1").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

    I get : Application defined or object defined error.

    However in a separate procedure I have used:

    Range("2:361").EntireRow.Hidden = True

    Which has worked completely fine, hence why I'm, confused this method has not worked for columns.

    I also much prefer referencing to columns in numbers, so if anyone could also let me know if that's possible here that would be great!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Range("D:MY1") doesn't return a valid range because you have it 'from all of Col D to the cell MY1'

    Try one of these

    Range("D1:MY1").EntireColumn.Hidden = True 
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    Range("D:MY").Hidden = True 
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    Thanks so much, I didn't realise how stupid I was being, must have been staring at it too long!

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