I've been experimenting with VBA for a while now and the most valuable thing I have learned hands-down is to thoroughly define the requirements of a project before it starts, and ask for advice & suggestions. Here are the fundamentals of the project:

A company has a group of documents (around 60 or so documents with .doc & .docx extension) which they use regularly to produce a document package. At the moment, the 60 base documents are stored in a folder (I'll call it the source folder) and a document package is created by copying the required documents from the source folder into a new target folder. After the target folder is created, the individual documents are populated manually then converted to PDF and sent for internal review.

The process works for them but it is slow. When a new document package is created, there is certain project data that is populated throughout all the required documents in that package. I also understand that there is plethora of ways that this repeated data could be populated into the document. All users have access to the source folder via a network location.

The idea is to make the process as fast as possible and automate everything from choosing the required documents, creating the new target folder, populating the target documents (as much as possible), and then creating PDF copies for review.

How would you approach a project like this?