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Thread: VGA code to list files attributes and also arranged them with filter using buttons

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    Exclamation VGA code to list files attributes and also arranged them with filter using buttons

    Can someone tell me what are the functions I need so I can just figure out to put them together. Thanks.


    make tutorial on How can I extract all the files from my folder and extract it into excel with filter using just a couple of buttons?
    Like one button extracts all files from folders and subfolders that has pdf and png extensions. Other button updates the list if the files are moved or removed. Other button Prints the list correctly.

    NOTE: Im aware that there is a software called Directory List but this is not what I want. I want knowledge and share it to others.

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    Here is the REF video
    youtube watch?v=mvYYZNUe_9s

    This is the video I'd like to copy
    youtube watch?v=vliCSzCrrR4&t=17s
    the guy says no need to buy expensive program when you can do it in excel yet doesnt provide an link to download the code or provide a tutorial
    The video above uses buttons/vba in excel and I badly need it. This doesnt help either
    youtube watch?v=OSCPVBWOqwc

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    May 2016
    I am not sure what you want but here is a workbook that I developed which allows you to search for files which contain a specifed string starting at a specific folder, and it allows you to select which attributes of the files you wnat displayed.
    to use it:
    Select the "Control" worksheet and a pop up window will appear
    enter in your search string or leave it blank to search for all files.
    Select the attributes you want to display, select as many as you like.
    click search, a window will open which allows you to select the top level foder to start the each in.
    Click Ok, and the list of files will appear in the "search" sheet from row 2
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