Does anyone in this forum know how to resolve this problem or perhaps direct me to another site?

I am using REN to batch name files. The code is working on and off. I was able to figure out some solutions.

To make this short: right now the CMD will not change my file names when I add .pdf to the end of the new file name. In the instructional video the guy said to add the extension and his worked. When I first tested this months ago I may have used Word docs as my test and the doc names changed no problem. But it's not working with pdf.

I created a template to Concatenate the REN coding (don't know what it's called). I have attached my spreadsheet. I think it's attached. Batch Renaming Template.xlsx

Also my PDF had a password, but I have removed the password from all the pdf's and I know they are unlocked because I can export the contents to Excel. This feature will not work if it's locked.