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Thread: Making VBA userform, ChangeButton does not work

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    Making VBA userform, ChangeButton does not work


    I'm currently making Data Entry Userform in Excel using VBA. Basically, I used VBA to make a UserForm to search, change, add and delete the data in Excel Worksheet.I'm having a problem when I click changeButton in my Userform it appears an error.

    This is my UserForm (with an error):


    I'm stuck on how to solve this problem. Can you help me, Thank you

    So here I'm attached my file:
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    VBAX Tutor paulked's Avatar
    Apr 2006
    Hi there.

    I'm not sure why it is doing this, but I am wondering why you call 'listbox1_refresh' and then you clear the listbox?

    If you don't call the refresh it seems to be ok.
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    Thank you for your reply. Yes, its true paulked after I remove call listbox1_refresh its work perfectly.

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