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Thread: Application Development for Management System

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    Application Development for Management System

    Good Day,

    I have been given an opportunity to develop a management system. I am a Legacy Developer, and have done some software development in VB, VBA and VB.Net before. I have also done an online HTML course. But I am not sure what would be the best solution to create this Management System. Also the client wants the package to be online.

    Your expertise and guidance would be highly appreciated.


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    Online? I would start by investigating Perl, PHP, MySQL, and jScript. Then look into the various CMS's. Note that you can use MicroSoft's Applications to do it. but, IMO,once you think about going online, Linux compatible programs are better.

    At the very least install a WAMP on your computer, but better would be a LAMP on an Apache Red Hat Linux computer,

    Manage what?
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