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    Hi Team

    I know array start with zero by default, by declaring option base1 it will start from 1 ,

    is it possible to start an array from 2?... plz help new in array


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    Oct 2006
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    Dim myArray(2 to 10)
    Dim SomeVariable As Variant
    Dim OtherVar(1 to 10, 1 to 10) 
    ReDim SomeVariable(2 to 20)
    Redim OtherVar(2 to 11, 2 to 11)
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    VBAX Wizard
    Apr 2007
    You can (as Sam said) start arrays at any start/end

    The Option Base is for when you do NOT explicitly specify

    So if you can pick your bounds correctly, you can make life easier. You should use LBound and UBound

    Example: working with rows 16 to 32

    Dim A (16 to 32) as Long
    For r = LBound(A) to UBound(A)
        Cells(r,1).Value = 2*Cells(r,2)
    Next r

    or even use enumerations

    Dim D(vbSunday to vbSaturday)

    If you define your own enumerations, it does help readability

    Enum colNames
        FName =12
        LName = 13
        Addr = 14
    End Enum
    Dim N(FName to Addr)

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