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Thread: Excel 2016 Crashes

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    Excel 2016 Crashes


    I am using Office 2016. I have forms built on different tabs of the spreadsheet with macros.

    (Only on two of the forms (tabs)), when the submit button is clicked to send the form as an email attachment, excel crashes right after the email is sent.

    Has anyone seen this issue?

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    Depends on the code and on what is on the form (which in reality is a Worksheet I assume?)

    Jan Karel Pieterse
    Excel MVP

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    Don’t have much knowledge about why you are getting this error but it seems as the problem occurs due to email attachment code in the workbook. So check for the data.

    Apart from that also check for other issues like loading excess of data in Excel workbook, defect in the Excel application, add-ins and many others. And due to this the program Excel files start crashing.

    So to fix the crashing issue check the given cases and fix them also disable the COM add-ins and disable them as this also result in Excel crashing.

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