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Thread: Send all files in folder vba

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    Send all files in folder vba

    I am currently using the code attached to send a single file path. Would somebody be able to help me modify the code to send all files in a particular folder instead of just 1 file?
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    Sub vbax_61999_email_all_files_in_folder()
        Dim strFolder As String
        Dim fso As Object
        Dim fsoFolder As Object
        Dim fsoFile As Object
        Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        With CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
            For i = 2 To Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row
                strFolder = Range("C" & i).Value
                If Right(strFolder, 1) <> "\" Then strFolder = strFolder & "\"
                Set fsoFolder = fso.GetFolder(strFolder)
                With .CreateItem(olMailItem)
                    .To = Range("B" & i).Value
                    .Subject = Range("I2").Value
                    .Body = Range("J2").Value
                    For Each fsoFile In fsoFolder.Files
                        .Attachments.Add strFolder & fsoFile.Name
                    .Display 'or 'Send
                End With
                Range("F" & i).Value = Format(Date, "mm/dd/yy")
        End With
    End Sub
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    Thank you for the help.

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