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Thread: Runnig a macro before printing

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    Runnig a macro before printing

    I have a macro in word 2010, that adds a footer to documents when you print them (i.e. after you click the "final" print button, in the print preview screen).

    Currently, in order to foot the document, the user needs to run the macro first, and only after running it, when they print the document, the footer is added.

    I would like to automate the part of running the macro, so that selecting a printing option (Ctrl+P / File>Print) would run the macro automatically and open the print preview screen for the final printing.

    How can this be done?

    Thank you in advance

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    1. In a class module called clsWord

    Option Explicit
    Public WithEvents appWord As Word.Application
    Private Sub appWord_DocumentBeforePrint(ByVal Doc As Document, Cancel As Boolean)
     Dim ans As Long
     ans = MsgBox("Do you REALLY want to print this?", vbYesNo)
     Cancel = (ans = vbNo)
    End Sub
    2. In a standard module

    Option Explicit
    Public msWord As clsWord

    3. In ThisDocument

    Option Explicit
    Private Sub Document_New()
        Set msWord = New ClsWord
        Set msWord.appWord = Word.Application
    End Sub
    Private Sub Document_Open()
        Set msWord = New ClsWord
        Set msWord.appWord = Word.Application
    End Sub
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