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Thread: Looking for help with MCI API sound recording / recording sound with VBA

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    Apr 2018

    Question Looking for help with MCI API sound recording / recording sound with VBA

    Hello coders!

    I have a problem - and it is probably due to using MCI API tool as a recorder. Let me explain you what I want to achive and where the issue is.

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    My idea was to make an application for myself which would help me learning and reminding foreign languages. I have created a database in a worksheet that contains words devided into columns. First columns contains polish words, second english and last one is filled with german (see attached image of structutre). I have already made the code that reads the text from column to column, goes down in row and repeats whole the procedure as many times as I wish to. I have also managed to write the code that uses MCI API to record all the text that was read (that was my main aim, because I want to create sound files and remind language when commuting work etc.). Everything work perfectly fine, but...

    The problem is in a quality of recording itself. When I play it I can hear a noise in the background, buzzing. It is conspicuous enought to unable comfortale listening and learning. (check the attachment for .wav sample file).

    Function Recording()
    Dim MciMsgOpen As Integer
    Dim MciMsgRec As Integer
     MciMsgOpen = mciSendString("open new Type waveaudio alias Rec1", "", 0, 0)
     MciMsgRec = mciSendString("record Rec1", "", 0, 0)
    End Function
    Function Saving()
    Dim MciMsgStop As Integer
    Dim MciMsgSave As Integer
    Dim MciMsgClose As Integer
     MciMsgStop = mciSendString("stop Rec1", "", 0, 0)
     MciMsgSave = mciSendString("save Rec1 c:\Audio.wav", "", 0, 0)
     MciMsgClose = mciSendString("close Rec1", "", 0, 0)
    End Function
    Firstly I was almost sure that it is due to STEREO MIX I'm using as a microphone to record output sounds. Nevetheless I have also tried to record sounds from another application (simple recorder which is installed on every Windows) and the sound was perfectly pure. That is why I think the problem is with MCI API itself but I may be wrong.

    I would be very greatful if somebody found the solution. I have already spend many hours with no effect at all. Any hint or tip where to start finding the solution would be a huge help.


    Thank you very much for your time.
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