can anyone write Macros for me for the below requirement.

Will it be possible for creating a macro for task scheduling in the MPP from an xls ( which is maintained centrally by the team to update their efforts with the tasks which has 100 lines atleast - all are milestone tasks)

The xls has the below details

(Task name, Platform, start date, finish date, Efforts in hours, resource name, BM no. RQno. Resource group and task ID
- here there is an other xls which contains the BM no. with rq no.and resource grp ID pertained to that BM no.. macros in such a way that it has to be picked up from 2nd xls for the BM no.s with resource group and RQ no. updated in thecentral xls then to be uploaded to MPP directly.)

Create a VBA macro to let the user to update excel file maintained centrally and update that data back to MS Project file.

This help will save half of my pains from updating it.
And I dont know much about Macros.
It would be great if someone can give step by step..