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Thread: Setting the width of an inserted word document

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    Setting the width of an inserted word document

    I'm attempting to insert a word document into an excel-sheet, and have the object cover a given amount of cells. By using the macro recorder, and some rewriting I think it should look somethink like this:

    Sub Macro1()
    ' Macro1 Macro
        Dim ob As Object
        With Sheet1
            Set ob = .OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Word.Document.12", Link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False)
            ob.Width = .Range("C4:K20").Width
            ob.Height = .Range("C4:K20").Height
            ob.Top = .Range("C4").Top
            ob.Left = .Range("C4").Left
        End With
    End Sub
    This inserts the document just fine, but the dimensions of the object are not what I wish they should be. How would I go about correctly dimensioning it?

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    VBAX Expert
    Sep 2016
    ob.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = msoFalse

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