Hi, I'm writing a program that has created a scoreboard and also draw schedule for various sports etc..
I can easily transfer the score from scoreboard to appropriate players on the draw sheet in a knockout competition but my problem is retaining that score in "Match 1" when I go on to "Match 2" as the data from "Match 1" clears and I want to retain it.

Essentially, I want to have cell "A2"(Result) = "B2"(Score) dependent on data in cell "C2"(Match No.)
IE When "C2" = 1 I want value of "B2"(score#1) in cell "A2"(Result #1)
When "C2" = 2 I want value of "B2"(score#2) in cell "A3"(Result #2) and RETAIN ORIGINAL value in "A2"(Result #1)
and so on.....
I hope that makes sense, any help greatly appreciated.