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Thread: Month report in excel doc

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    Jun 2018

    Month report in excel doc

    Pats, how to be? I have huge excel document with a lot of important information. It's my month report to my boss. Today I couldn't open it, next message popped up: "Excel found unreadable content in month_rep.xlsx". I used repair excel tool from Microsoft, it didn't find any problems. But I still haven't been able to access my data. Is there any way out?

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    Jun 2018
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    Excel keeps a lot of 'extraneous' data in files and it grows over time. If possible try cutting and pasting into a fresh workbook and see if the problem goes away (the 'extra' data will stay with the sheets if you use 'move or copy' at a tab level). NB: this method works through the clipboard so you might find the data set is too large for a single iteration,

    Alternatively try 'Fail Save As and use one of the earlier formats such as 2003 .xls (if you get a warning that some formula won't work in earlier formats abort and try a different one, in theory the formulas WILL be saved under compatibility mode and recreated when you come back so if all else fails its worth a shot).

    The idea is that the Save As process drops all the 'extras' so once that's done you can go back to the 'normal' format. Depending on the integrity/criticality of the data you might want to do some regression to prove that the new file holds the same information as the old one - count of cells, column totals etc

    Another idea might be in using various solutions from Yahoo, Google, Bing and etc.

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    Repair Excel

    Storing a plenty of data increases the chances of corruption as every time when you open the Excel workbook it recalculate the entire calculation and this is what make the Excel file corrupted.

    Despite this, there are many other reasons as well that cause the Excel file corruption. And to repair corrupted Excel workbook you can try some manual solutions like:

    • Run open and repair tool
    • Save the Excel file to another location and try opening the Excel file
    • Set the automatic calculation to manual as the workbook won’t be recalculated and may open.
    • Revert the workbook to last saved version
    • Try running the Microsoft office Tools

    Hope the given tricks works for you to repair corrupted excel workbook. But if nothing works then make use of the third party tool to repair and recover corrupt Excel file data.

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