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Thread: Important presentation for my boss

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    Jun 2018

    Important presentation for my boss

    My chief charged with me to create many slides presentation in a week. I've created a half of number of slides for today. Only ten minutes ago, I opened my .pptx file again. It appeared that some slides disappeared from it. I used pptx repair tool from Microsoft, but nothing changed. I used Google and Yahoo to find something, but I didn't find nothing great. My ideas for now are finished, Microsoft couldn't assist me. I hope I have chances to get my slides back, isn't it?

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    1. Are you SURE that you saved it after adding the latest batch?

    2. Are you sure that the missing slides are just in a different order in the presentation?

    3. Also (as suggestion) it's usually better to have a descriptive subject in the post that pretains to the issue, such as "Several slides have disappeared"

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    Perform steps in the following, it might help...

    1. Go to the directory where the file is located.
    2. Right click on the file
    3. Select properties
    4. The Type of File, should be PowerPoint Presentation
    5. Opens File field should be PowerPoint.
    If it doesn’t have this, then select the change button & select PowerPoint from the list of applications.
    6. Select Ok & then Apply and OK again

    Usually in case manual guides can't assist, you may refer to authoritative articles, guides, tips and tricks, one of PPTX Recovery Features must be effective

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