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Thread: Use Excel VBA to check context control checkboxes in a Word file.

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    Exclamation Use Excel VBA to check context control checkboxes in a Word file.

    Dear all,

    Before I go into my question I want to give you information about what I am working with.

    Version of the programs

    • Word 2013
    • Excel 2013
    • VBA 7.1

    Explanation of problem
    I have a Word document that has both checkboxes and textboxes in it. I am looking for an Excel VBA code that can check a specific checkbox in the Word document based on an excel cell saying “Yes” (checked) or “No” (not checked). Each checkbox thus needs to be linked to a different cell.

    Word has 3 types of checkboxes:

    • Check box content control
    • Check box form field (legacyforms)
    • Check box (activeX controls)

    I am using the Check Box Content Control. For this checkbox I do not find any clear excel VBA codes online that are used to check these boxes in Word. Is there anybody that knows how this can be done. Please also inform me if it only works with the other checkboxes.

    Many thanks in advance .

    kind regards,


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    Jul 2008
    There is plenty of code in (to which your thread has been moved) for automating Word from Excel. This one: even shows how to differentiate between checkbox content controls and other types of content control.
    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Hey Paul,

    Many thanks for helping me. I will look into them to see if it solves my issue.

    Kind regards,


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