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Thread: VBA Word problem with Paste

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    VBA Word problem with Paste

    I am using Word 2016 and windows 10.

    I have been running some macros - not written by me - for some time.

    Quite often i get a 4605 error.

    The other day i ran a macro and i seemed to get a big window on the screen which showed all the stuff that i had pasted and the macro failed.

    This happens quite a lot and i seem to be able to solve it by signing out and then going back in again.

    Also i sometimes have trouble copying and pasting between websites.

    There is something strange going on for sure.

    Can anyone shed any light please?

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    As you haven't shared the macro code or told us what it is you have copied and where exactly you are trying to paste it, it is rather difficult to guess what the problem might be.
    Chances are that what you are trying to paste is not appropriate content for the location where you are trying to paste it.
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