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Thread: Macro to embed fonts when saving

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    Macro to embed fonts when saving

    Hello all,

    We use a corporate font in our presentations, and I have just noticed that PowerPoint doesn't automatically embed fonts when saving (whether saving as pptx or ppsx), which means that our users who don't have our font installed on their computers (i.e. 99% of them) aren't seeing the presentation as we originally designed it.

    It took me this long to notice this because I obviously have the font installed, and so do most people I interact with at work, so I was quite shocked when seeing a screenshot sent from someone outside the company which showed the fonts replaced by some ill-fitting generic sans-serif.

    I now know how to manually embed the font, but I can't trust every one of my colleagues (or even myself) to remember to do so every time a new presentation is created.

    Is there a way to use VBA to save the file in pptx (or ppsx) and automatically embed all used fonts at the same time?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Feb 2007
    Sub saveembed()
    'change the FileName / Path
    Call ActivePresentation.SaveAs(FileName:="C:Users/johnwilson/Desktop/test.pptx", _
    FileFormat:=ppSaveAsOpenXMLPresentation, _
    End Sub
    John Wilson
    Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
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    That simple

    Thank you John.

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