Hello when i run this query it will show me the error more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression
I want to delete the column that result of sub query hareket_fisi_id = '15901948' and fiili_adet <= '0'
Could you please help me to fix this

Delete from hareket_fisi_index
where hareket_fisi_id = (
from hareket_fisi_index
LEFT JOIN stokdakiler ON stokdakilerid = index_marka
LEFT JOIN marka on marka.markaid = stokdakiler.markaid
LEFT JOIN stok on stok.stokid = stokdakiler.stokid
LEFT JOIN stokdakiler_marka_miktar_raf ON (stokdakiler_marka_miktar_raf.stokdakilerid = stokdakiler.stokdakilerid)
LEFT JOIN stokdakiler_fiyat ON (stokdakiler_fiyat.stokid = stokdakiler.stokid and stokdakiler_fiyat.markaid = marka.markaid)
where hareket_fisi_id = '15901948' and fiili_adet <= '0'
order by index_sirano);