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Thread: Help with VBA Code

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    Help with VBA Code

    Hello! I need some help making VBA Code. I don't know the best way to do it.

    So I want to hide columns and rows that don't have any values in them. I have VBA Code that can do that, but it hides the columns and rows that have text in them as well.

    Do you guys know how I would go about doing this? Basically, I want columns and rows on an excel sheet to be hidden if their values add up to zero and they have no cells with text. However, if the columns or rows have cells with text or if their values are greater than zero, then I want the column/row to stay.

    Thank you!

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    VBAX Expert
    Apr 2005
    I think it might help if you attach your problematic workbook. Strip personal data if required.
    Your explanation suggests that all data could be hidden with the right circumstance.

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