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Thread: Copy Columns in Selected Sheets to a New Table with the data

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    Copy Columns in Selected Sheets to a New Table with the data


    I am looking for a macro that can copy columns in selected sheets:

    Copy Columns (A, B, D) in selected Sheets in the workbook and create a new sheet with the data.

    The Data should be pasted from Column A and to the right.
    For each new sheet copied there should be inserted an empty column.

    Thank you in advance for the help

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    Aug 2012
    Hi Christian,

    I don't have the code for this to hand, but these pointers should give you the words to look up.

    1: create a new worksheet. do this by setting a worksheet object. I believe the code is:
    dim newSheet as worksheet
    set newSheet = thisworkbook.worksheets.add
    now you can call this sheet at any time by "newworksheet.range("A1")" etc.

    2: copy and paste columns

    you can use copy/paste in vba (there is lots on this in this forum and elsewhere on google)
    you can also use the macro recorder to record a copy/paste event to get some workable code - all you would then need to do is manage the ranges you copy and paste to and from.

    hope this gives you a start
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