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Thread: Export to file with different extensions

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    Oct 2018

    Export to file with different extensions


    I have cobbled together the below code which outputs a file from the data in my cells

    It works fine, but i want it to output 14 files, all with different file extensions
    I have the file extensions in a table on a different sheet

    Currently the file extension is referring to the first cell in this table, which i have under MyExtension = Worksheets("Data").Range("B3")

    Apologies if this is confusing in any way, as i say im very new to VBA

    Sub WriteToTextFile()
        Dim iLastRow As Long
        Dim iLastCol As Long
        Dim myPathTo As String
        Dim Filename As String
        Dim MyFilename As String
        Dim MyExtension As String
        Dim i As Integer
    'Declarations End
        iLastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
        iLastCol = Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
        myPathTo = Worksheets("Table").Range("C2")
        MyFilename = Worksheets("Table").Range("C10")
        MyExtension = Worksheets("Data").Range("B3")
        Filename = myPathTo & MyFilename & MyExtension
        Open Filename For Output As #1
            For i = 1 To iLastRow
                For j = 1 To iLastCol
                    If j <> iLastCol Then 'keep writing to same line
                        Print #1, Cells(i, j),
                    Else 'end the line
                        Print #1, Cells(i, j)
                    End If
                Next j
            Next i
            'MsgBox "Failed to transfer " & iFail & " file(s).", iFail & " Transfer(s) Failed"
        Close #1
    End Sub

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    are you changing file formats as well?

    can you do this via the 'save as' dialogue?
    if so, you can use vba to 'save as'.

    if not, are you trying to generate type formats?
    if so, again you can use the save as commands.

    can you give an example of what you are after?
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