I'd like to draw a function with VBA for autocad, using a polyline. I'd like to use the following code:

Sub Example_AddPolyline()

Dim plineObj As AcadPolyline
Dim points(0 To 10) As Double

' Define the 2D polyline points
points(0) = 1: points(1) = f:
points(2) = 2: points(3) = f:
points(4) = 3: points(5) = f:
points(6) = 2: points(7) = f:
points(8) = 3: points(9) = f:

Set plineObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddPolyline(points)

End Sub

where points(even) are the x-axis units and points(odd) are the value of the function f (which is not important here) for the x-value.

How could i do? Trying using a for-cycle maybe...?

Thank you