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Thread: Saving to OneDrive using VBA powerpoint

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    Saving to OneDrive using VBA powerpoint

    Apologies for lack of forum etiquette (first post)

    I am trying to make a button in powerpoint that will save a copy of the powerpoint to onedrive.
    why not just use the menus you may ask? well the macro also removes the VBA code.

    The problem is the code I am using is incredibly slow. Typically, a 75mb powerpoint will appear in the onedrive folder immediately if you save conventionally
    but will take over a minute using a macro button. Using VBA, a dialogue box appears with the "uploading to sharepoint" dialogue box which prevents the user from
    doing anything for the duration.

    code below
    ActivePresentation.SaveAs FileName:= _

    The above code is what the macro recorder in Word and Excel suggest. Unfortunately, microsoft removed the recorder for powerpoint so I have no idea how it is supposed to be done
    to reduce the upload time. any help appreciated

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    Q: SharePoint or OneDrive?

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    As Paul says SharePoint or One Drive?

    Assuming you do mean OneDrive

    Call ActivePresentation.SaveAs(FileName:=" CID/testing2.pptx")
    Call ActivePresentation.SaveAs(FileName:=" CID//Documents/testing2.pptx")

    Your CID will be an 8 digit Hex number (ie 16 characters e.g. EAF7126A7B9FA22E) to get this go to and log in. It will show in the address bar.
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    When I open Onedrive from, the url is as
    As I mentioned previously, using the macro recorder from excel or word to save to 'onedrive' conventionally yields the following:

    ChDir "C:\Users\john.doe\OneDrive - COMPANY NAME LIMITED"
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
    "" _
    , FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook, CreateBackup:=False

    From this I believe it is sharepoint but it is called one drive sometimes

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    OneDrive for business uses SharePoint (as opposed to One Drive Personal

    That said your original code looks correct and the equivalent here runs quickly (It is a small file though but we have a very slow connection)
    John Wilson
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