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Thread: Check game numbers

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    Check game numbers

    Good afternoon,

    I need a VBA code so I can check all the cards, worksheet "Cards" with the worksheet results "Results", and the conference is done for each line of the "Cards" tab being checked

    throughout the range of the "Results" tab "is the total of hits placed in the" I "column of each game.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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    Good Morning,
    The statement is a bit confusing, here is some information to help me.
    1 - In each row of the Sheet "Cards" of column A the column G is a game;
    2 - I need a macro that can check each value of the cell if it is in the Range (B2: G100) of the sheet "Results" and put the number of hits of each game in column I of the sheet "Cards";
    I tried to make a macro but I curled myself into the search loop.

    Thank you very much

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