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Thread: Looking For Macro To Login to Websites for Home Budget

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    Looking For Macro To Login to Websites for Home Budget

    Hello. I have budget spreadsheet that I use at home to pay bills. In the physical act of paying the bills I have to go to the website, find my password book, find that institution in the password book, login, and then proceed to make a payment. I'd like to create buttons that will take me to the website, and enter in my username/password with one click. This will be used for cable companies, banks, insurance, utilites, etc. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Would greatly appreciate the help. Tks.

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    Sep 2016
    Workbook download :

    This will give you a start to build on.

    Part of the code :

    Option Explicit
    Sub GmailLogIn()
        'Sample usage of WebsiteLogIn macro for logging-in to Gmail.
        WebsiteLogIn "", _
                        "Email", Sheets("Log-In").Range("C6").Value, _
                        "Passwd", Sheets("Log-In").Range("C8").Value, "signIn"
    End Sub
    Sub YahooMailLogIn()
        'Sample usage of WebsiteLogIn macro for logging-in to Yahoo email.
        'Just compare the element IDs of the username and password text boxes, as well as
        'the element ID of the sign-in button with the correspoinding values for the Gmail case.
        WebsiteLogIn "", _
                        "login-username", Sheets("Log-In").Range("C13").Value, _
                        "login-passwd", Sheets("Log-In").Range("C15").Value, "login-signin"
    End Sub
    Sub OtherLogIn()
        'Sample usage of WebsiteLogIn macro for logging-in to any page, as long as the necessary
        'parameters have been specified (in the Log-In sheet we use Facebook as an example).
        With Sheets("Log-In")
            If .Range("G20").Value = False Then
                MsgBox "Sorry, but the URL you entered doesn't exist!", vbCritical, "Invalid URL Error"
                Exit Sub
            End If
            WebsiteLogIn .Range("C20").Value, .Range("C22").Value, .Range("C24").Value, _
                            .Range("C26").Value, .Range("C28").Value, .Range("C30").Value
        End With
    End Sub
    Sub ClearAllInfo()
        'Just clears all the entered data from the worksheet.
        With Sheets("Log-In")
        End With
    End Sub

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    Thanks for help. Will see how far I can get with this. Appreciate the help.

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