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Thread: Transfer worksheet to another workbook

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    Oct 2018

    Transfer worksheet to another workbook

    Hi everyone,

    I built workbook1 with worksheet1 and worksheet2.
    Worksheet2 contains a lot of formulas linked to worksheet1.

    Now, I want to transfer my worksheet2 (with the formulas) on another workbook2.
    Workbook2 has worksheet1. So ideally, I would copy worksheet2 from workbook1 to workbook2 with the formulas adjusted with the new workbook2 and not the old workbook1.

    Workbook1= [20181105 OOR_DATA KB TEST.xlsx]
    And I want to delete this within all the cells.


    I tried with the find and replace function but it didn't work. Maybe with some VBA?

    I thank you in advance

    Edit: I deleted the links (DATE==>Edit Links) and it worked perfectly
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