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Thread: Change ActiveCell within a selected range

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    Change ActiveCell within a selected range


    I was wondering if it is possible to change the ActiveCell within a selected range.

    For example, selecting cell A1 and then pressing shift + down 5 times will give you a selected range A1:A6 where cell A1 is the ActiveCell.

    It is also possible to select cell A6 and press shift+up 5 times to get you back to the same set of selected cells A1:A6, however in this case, cell A6 is the ActiveCell.

    So, given any given range, is it possible to move the ActiveCell within this range?


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    Seems to be a common theme that I finally figure things out after posting, but the answer is to use the .Activate method, e.g.

    Range ("A1:A6").Select

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